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Yacht Connections is the premier provider of luxury vessels and event planning services for private, yacht cruises on San Francisco Bay.

Treat yourself and your friends to a day or a weekend exploring the breathtaking beauty of San Francisco Bay. Yacht cruises aboard our private luxury boats will surrounded your guests with iconic sights and exemplary service. Our chef, crew, and party specialists will take care of every detail.

Luxury yacht cruises on San Francisco Bay with Yacht Connections is an uninterrupted opportunity to experience the sights, tastes, and unique character of San Francisco. Our custom built fleet and expert crew will create a special blend of luxury and style that can only be found aboard the finest yachts.

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Yacht Weddings

30 years of unforgettable
weddings and receptions on the
San Francisco Bay

Private Events

Our personal service guarantees
outstanding corporate events
and team-building exercises