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Yacht Events: Tips for San Francisco Bay – Dress Code, Tipping Etiquette and More!

Yacht Events: Tips for San Francisco Bay – Dress Code, Tipping Etiquette and More!

Excerpts from “Ship-Shape Behavior” – Tips on Yacht Protocol By Sherri Ferris, President and CEO.

Tips on Shoes:

Wear soft-soled shoes; preferably with white-bottoms. Leather soles can be tricky on a damp surfaces. The wrong shoes, such as spiked heels can ruin a deck and be difficult to manage stairs

Tips on What to wear on a Yacht:

Wear comfortable shoes layers for the changing San Francisco Bay weather…think chic, casual and comfortable! Limit what you bring on board…

General Yacht Tips:

  • Be mindful of tracking dirt and water.
  • Be sure you fully understand how the plumbing works in the bathroom aka “head”. NOTE: no worries with Yacht Connections – they offer full size restrooms.
  • Red wine and cranberry juice will stain light carpets. It’s best to consume them over washable surfaces.
  • Understand the roles of each crew member and call them by their proper title. (Captain, Cruise Director, Stewards…)
  • Bring plenty of suntan lotion but don’t get it on the teak or furnishings.
  • Bring motion sickness pills and take them before boarding. The sea sickness wristbands may also work effectively. If feeling sea sick, get above deck and find a solid horizon line to fix your gaze upon. Experts have suggested that eating ginger or taking ginger capsules can be helpful in preventing sea sickness.

Yachting Terms:

  • Galley (kitchen)
  • Bow (fore) and stern (aft)
  • Port (left) and starboard (right) as the ship moves
  • Main Salon (shared space)

Crew Gratuity:
Any gratuities you wish to leave in addition to the required service charge are entirely discretionary and should be based on the degree to which the service you received exceeded your expectations. Any such gratuities will be distributed to all of the members of our crew who performed services for your event unless specified differently by you. For long-term charters  you may give cash in plain white envelopes for each crew member. For day or evening charters, it is fine to hand the Captain or Event Manager a cash gratuity asking him to share the amount with the entire crew. If the crew is small, it is a nice gesture to give the gratuity to each crew member personally as you disembark.

Commonly held and amusing sailing superstitions: Here are some traditional beliefs and folklore held by sailors through the ages:

  • Never launch a new boat on a Friday.
  • Never say the word “drowned” while at sea.
  • Never look back once your ship has left port.
  • Throwing stones in the sea can cause storms.

Read more tips here, “Ship-Shape Behavior” – Tips on Yacht Protocol By Sherri Ferris, President and CEO.


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